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Super 8


A charming story set in the 80's about a group of high school students who set out to make a film for a high school projects.  The are shooting the project on Super 8 mm film hence the title of the movie.  The main charcter in the movie develops a crush on the girl in the group which makes a great story of young love.

During the filming of there project they catch something on film which they shouldn't have which develops into a suspenseful plot.

I absolutely LOVED this movie! Spielberg and J.J. Abrams are the dream team here, creating a wonderfully charming movie set in the 80's time period about these kids who are trying to make a movie on the Super 8 camera they had and the relationships that unfold along with some supernatural suspense. Took me back to my childhood memories and made me think about myself at that age and many of the budding real life film makers who probably started out in a similar but real life way. Loved the characters and suspense with the area 51 idea tied in. As a side note, there's a cool Super 8 movie app in the Apple App store that lets you shoot video with that retro Super 8 feel. Definately go out and see the movie!